April 19, 2022

Member Legislative Update – January 19, 2022

Build Back Better

When Senator Manchin announced last week that he would not vote for the Build Back Better (BBB) bill, Senator Schumer turned the focus of the Senate toward voting rights legislation. We expect negotiations on the BBB to resume in two to three weeks and focus on smaller versions of the original legislation.

FY22 Appropriations & FY23 Budget

At the moment, it is unclear if Congress will pass a FY2022 budget, an Omnibus Funding Bill, or another Continuing Resolution as we approach the expiration of the current Continuing Resolution on February 18, 2022. The areas of contention include federal funding of abortion and defense v. nondefense funding increases.

The FY23 Federal Budget is expected to be released this Spring. Ideally, the Biden Administration would like the FY22 appropriations bills to be enacted before releasing their FY23 budget. Therefore, the FY22 appropriations discussions will impact how quickly the Administration will release the FY23 budget after the State of the Union on March 1, 2022.

Senate HELP Committee Advances Nominations

Finally, the Senate HELP Committee approved the nomination of Jose Javier Rodriquez to be the Assistant Secretary for Employment and Training at U.S. DOL.  This is important news for SCSEP grantees.  Additionally, the HELP Committee approved Amy Loyd to be Assistant Secretary for Career, Technical, and Adult Education at the Department of Education.  As you know, as a WIOA partner, the Department of Education administers both Title II (Adult Education and Family Literacy ACT) and Title IV (Vocational Rehabilitation).

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