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The American Workforce Coalition (AWC) was launched by CWI Labs in January 2022 to build a national movement supporting America’s older workers. We educate employers, workforce practitioners, philanthropic leaders, economic development teams, and the American public on the critical role that older workers play in the success of employers and local communities. We identify the approaches that empower older workers with the skills they need to be successful. And, we convene leaders and innovators to build scalable solutions to the challenges facing older job seekers.

Our Members

Our members represent the most influential organizations at the intersection of workforce and aging. Together, we bring more than 560 years of experience to our shared mission, including decades of workforce development programs empowering African American, Hispanic, Native American, and Asian Pacific & Pacific Islander American job seekers.

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To discuss membership in the American Workforce Coalition, please contact:

Gary A. Officer, Founder & CEO

CWI Labs