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The American Workforce Coalition (AWC) was launched by CWI Labs in January 2022 to build a national movement supporting America’s older workers. We educate employers, workforce practitioners, philanthropic leaders, economic development teams, and the American public on the critical role that older workers play in the success of employers and local communities. We identify the approaches that empower older workers with the skills they need to be successful. And, we convene leaders and innovators to build scalable solutions to the challenges facing older job seekers.

                                     Membership Benefits

Member organizations of the American Workforce Coalition have access to a range of exclusive features and content for their staff including, but not limited to:

  • Tickets to attend the Annual Equity Summit in-person.  More than 1,000 decision-makers, influences, policymakers, and practitioners for a unique opportunity convene at the Equity Summit to advance economic opportunity for older job seekers, especially those living in historically underserved communities. Only 100 VIPs are invited to attend in-person to meet and network with our speakers and other attendees. Learn More.
  • Input into the coalition’s strategic priorities
  • Invitations to educational discussions with key Department of Labor and Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) stakeholders
  • Opportunities to contribute to new content
  • Live virtual interviews
  • User accounts for the AWC online library
  • Legislative updates
  • Monthly labor market updates

To inquire about membership for your organization, complete our AWC Membership Inquiry Form.

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From job reports and legislative updates to peer-to-peer collaboration and knowledge sharing, we help organizations in the workforce space amplify their voice and increase their impact on advancing the workforce aspirations of older adults.

  • Amplify Your Voice

    Membership allows our organizations to amplify their individual voices and have an exponential impact on our shared mission.

  • Connect with Peers

    We convene corporate executives, philanthropic leaders, workforce experts, innovators, and economic development teams to support older workers.